About Seminars and Workshops

At the core of FCLIR programming are seminars and workshops in the fall and spring. They generally run once a week for ten weeks. These are proposed and moderated by FCLIR members with the approval of the Curriculum Committee. Some shorter summer and winter intersession seminars may also be offered.

The purpose of a seminar is to learn about a subject through active participation. This could include each participant researching a topic to bring to a group for discussion, everyone sharing views on assigned reading, and any number of other options. What makes FCLIR different is no one is an expert and everyone provides something to make the seminar interesting and educational. Workshops, on the other hand, focus on improving a skill-set such as watercolor painting.

The format of program offerings will vary each semester limited only by the imagination of the moderators, the Curriculum Committee and ultimately the participants. No matter how a seminar or workshop is structured, active participation is the goal.

Seminars may have limited space for those who wish to audit. Participation as an auditor varies and anyone wishing to audit should check on the requirements set by the moderator. The Participant’s Handbook gives further information for participants and auditors.