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Current Membership Form

See the Membership page for more information and a link to the currently active form. The FCLIR membership year runs from May 1 through April 30.

Registration Form for Seminars and Workshops

See Registration and Enrollment for a link to the currently active form and more information.

Proposal Forms for Seminars, Workshops and other Programs

Propose a seminar or workshop for the Fall or Spring Semester. Please read the proposal preparation guidelines. More information on the page Planning a Seminar or Workshop.

Propose a short summer seminar or workshop.

Propose a new interest group. More information on the Interest Groups page.

Propose an extracurricular activity or a summer/winter program (excluding intersession seminars/workshops) for members. More information on our Extracurricular Activities page.

Propose a Special Program. More information at Special Programs.

Forms for Volunteers and Committees

Volunteer! Help us find a spot for you by completing our Volunteer Skills and Interests Form. More information on the Volunteer page.

Committee chairs must submit an annual committee report for inclusion in the FCLIR Annual Report, prepared in June/July of each year.

Expense Reimbursement Forms

Zoom Hosting Reimbursement Form

The president, committee chairs and moderators (or their designees) may request reimbursement for a PRO Zoom license for the whole year or, in the case of moderators, four months.

Request reimbursement for other FCLIR expenses

such as printing costs, purchase of paper goods or refreshments for FCLIR social events, and so forth.


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