Five Colleges Learning in Retirement depends on its members to provide an interesting, quality program, in service of its mission. Realizing FCLIR’s mission would be impossible without volunteers for the committees.  So please do give back by volunteering.

Scroll down to Committee Descriptions for more information about the committees. Volunteers are also needed to serve on Council, the main governing body of FCLIR.

For additional information contact the FCLIR Vice President.

2023-2024 FCLIR CommitteesCommittee Chairs and Coordinators
CurriculumJake Greenberg, Tom Jones
Program CoordinationSuzanne Metz, Martha Cohen
Encore CoordinatorElisa Campbell
Interest Groups CoordinatorJane McMurrich
Social Events CoordinatorSuzanne Metz
Special Programs CoordinatorEllen Kosmer
CommunicationsEdie Kirk, Dick Stonberg
Governance Committees: 
Executive CommitteeMichael Miller
Finance CommitteeRoger Webb
Nominating CommitteeNancy DiMattio

Committee Descriptions


The Curriculum Committee oversees the core program of FCLIR, its seminars and workshops. This committee meets monthly and is charged with all aspects of maintaining a diverse offering up to 25 peer-led seminars and workshops every Fall and Spring, plus shorter Summer seminars/workshops.

Program Coordination

As of fall 2023, all non-academic programs are subsumed under an umbrella committee. This committee includes the coordinators of several ongoing programs, most of whom have subcommittees.


The Encore subcommittee collects and organizes recommended presentations from the previous semester’s seminars and makes them available to the membership and the public on Friday mornings.

Interest Groups

Informal interest groups (books, films, opera, politics) that meet on Zoom or in members’ homes. Each group has its own facilitators.

Special Programs

This advisory subcommittee seeks proposals from LIR members for one-of-a-kind programs or series of programs that would be of interest to a wide audience. These programs are usually open to the public as well as to the LIR membership.

Social Events

This subcommittee organizes social events several times a year, including a fall picnic and an annual New Members’ Coffee.


The Communication Committee initiates and coordinates our messaging both internally and externally, including the newsletter.

Governance Committees


The Executive Committee is comprised of the six FCLIR elected officers. It has general supervision over the affairs of FCLIR as directed by Council. It may act on time-sensitive and confidential matters in the name of Council, subject to approval of Council at the next meeting.


The Finance Committee is comprised of the treasurer, assistant treasurer, the vice president, the past treasurer and two other members nominated by the president and approved by Council. The committee advises the treasurer and works on financial development.


The Nominating Committee creates a slate of nominees for officers of the Council. In addition, they receive nominations for Council from the membership. The committee consists of a chair, who is a member of Council, and four additional FCLIR voting members, at least two of whom are not current Council members. Current officers may not serve on the committee. The president nominates the members and Council approves them.