Extracurricular Activities

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Planning an Extracurricular Activity

Extracurricular activities for FCLIR members include ongoing interest groups, summer and winter programs, and other activities planned by members for small groups. This last category may encompass day trips to local points of interest, group attendance at concerts or theater performances, or other informal gatherings such as coffee-and-conversation meetings or “dine around” restaurant sampling.

The onset of COVID in 2020 curtailed many of these in-person activities, but offerings expanded to on-line conversations to discuss topics such as gardening and estate planning.

Unlike Special Programs, which are generally open to the public as well as members, extracurricular activities for members aim to be budget-neutral. Expenses, if any, are usually covered by fees charged to participants rather than subsidized by the entire membership.

If you have an idea for such an activity, we have some resources that you can review:

  • a checklist of items to consider as you develop your plans. It is designed to prompt your thinking. Not all items will be relevant.
  • a (draft!) proposal form to summarize your ideas with enough detail to enlist the FCLIR Office and other FCLIR members in implementing your plan.