Exercise Your Mind

We all know about exercising our bodies for our health. But we should also appreciate the benefits of continuing to work our minds – especially in the company of others.

Together, members of Five College Learning in Retirement (FCLIR) read, write, discuss, argue, laugh, return to favorite subjects and jump into new ones; all the while firing their neurons.

Learning From Each Other 

At FCLIR, members meet in person or on Zoom to share knowledge and ideas while exploring topics that run the gamut of members’ interests.

Using a variety of seminar and workshop styles, members learn and along the way form new friendships.

Great People, Great Discussions

Beyond the seminar room FCLIR members join each other in monthly interest groups sharing their enthusiasm for books, films, current events and learning new skills. Members also organize excursions to interesting places. And they join with the public for programs such as our Encore! program as well as occasional special probrams.

Upcoming Events

Ask a Member

Satisfy your curiosity about FCLIR by speaking with someone already enjoying the membership benefits. Email us and a member will respond to answer your questions and talk about your interests.

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