Registration and Enrollment

Previews and Catalogs

Each semester Previews are held to familiarize members with the offerings before registration begins for seminars and workshops. The Fall Preview occurs in May, and the Spring Preview in late November or early December. Previews may have an in-person component, and there is always an online component for those unable to attend in person.

The online Preview features brief presentations by seminar and workshop moderators outlining the subject and goals of their programs. If there is no in-person component, there will also be an opportunity to meet the moderators in Zoom breakout rooms. When FCLIR holds an in-person Preview, the moderators are available at the Preview venue.

Another difference between online and in-person Previews is that the print catalogs are distributed at the in-person venue, and only those that are not picked up there are mailed. If the Preview is entirely on line, FCLIR tries to get the catalogs mailed in time to arrive before the Preview.

The online catalog and a PDF version of the print catalog for the upcoming semester are available a few days before the Preview. Registration opens the Monday following the Preview.


Seminars and workshops are open only to full members of FCLIR. FCLIR membership must be up-to-date before registering for seminars. The membership year runs from May 1 through April 30. Contact the office if you are unsure about your membership status.

Registration opens the day after the Preview. Members provide their choices for seminars and workshops using the registration form linked to the left. Registrants record both their order of preference for seminars and the total number of seminars wanted.

Enrollment (“The Lottery”)

“The Lottery” is FCLIR’s name for the process by which members are enrolled in seminars and workshops based on the selections made during registration. All registrations received by the “lottery deadline” are considered in the first round of enrollments, without regard to the order in which they were received. Rather, places in oversubscribed seminars are allocated by lottery.

Members may continue to sign up for seminars after the lottery deadline, but some seminars may be filled. Wait-lists are maintained for some seminars. Check the online catalog for updates on availability.


Within a week of the Lottery deadline, initial class lists are sent out to all moderators and enrolled participants. Individuals who are wait-listed for a seminar are also notified of that status. If you receive no notification, then you were neither enrolled in nor wait-listed for any seminar or workshop in the first round. This is less likely to happen if the number of choices on your registration form exceeds the total number of seminars and workshops you want to take.

Enrollees who find that they must drop a seminar or workshop should notify the office as soon as possible.


Audit status may be selected on the registration form. However, the number of slots for auditors is limited. Moderators specify the number of auditors allowed, if any. These slots may also be lotteried.