Council & Executive Committee

The Council is the governing body of FCLIR, with authority to manage all educational, organizational, and financial matters. The Council consists of the six elected officers plus nine additional members elected for staggered three-year terms. Terms run from July 1 through June 30.

Annual elections, conducted by secret ballot, follow the Annual Meeting in May. The Nominating committee is responsible for producing a slate of nominees for the officers, with additional nominations accepted from the floor during Annual Meeting. Nominations for Council are invited from members throughout the year, and in particular moderators are asked to forward nominations from their seminars and workshops.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee consists of the elected officers. All officers are voting members of Council.
Office Name End of term
President Michael Miller 6/30/2024
Vice President Kathy Campbell 6/30/2024
Treasurer Roger Webb 6/30/2024
Asst. Treasurer Wendy Parrish 6/30/2024
Secretary Darcy Johnson 6/30/2024
Past President Francie Borden 6/30/2024

At-Large Members of Council

Nancy DiMattio 6/30/2024
Catharine Porter 6/30/2024
Katy van Geel 6/30/2024
Len Melnick 6/30/2025
Austin Porter 6/30/2025
Dick Stonberg 6/30/2025
Karen Furst 6/30/2026
Gerry Goldman 6/30/2026
vacant 6/30/2026

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