Status: Closed

Writing to Remember (Red)

Autobiographical writing

Fall 2023
Thursday Morning
Moderators: Cathatine Porter, Trish Callard



The purpose of this seminar is to share your life experiences with fellow participants and, at the same time, record them for yourself and your family.


Long one of the most popular FCLIR seminars (previously called “Autobiographical Writing”, Writing to Remember offers its members the opportunity to get to know themselves and each other better. Many participants have taken advantage of this seminar to write their family story for their children and grandchildren. The writing takes all forms, from rough drafts to polished pieces, and all are welcome. The group offers the writer feedback and, if desired, will offer suggestions for revisions or possible additions, as well as clarifications. The seminar is not a course on how to write; it aims, rather, to stimulate and encourage you to continue writing your own story. Your writing can center on the events of family life, career experiences, or anything else you would like to tell about yourself.

Space is limited as present participants have priority.

ROLE OF PARTICIPANTS: Each participant has the opportunity to read aloud two pieces of original writing during the semester. The atmosphere is relaxed, but the serious efforts of all concerned help to make this a rewarding experience for everyone.
ABOUT THE MODERATOR: Catharine is a retired UMass faculty member from the Department of Consumer Studies and Ombudsperson. Catharine has moderated this seminar previously. Trish is a wife, mother, grandmother, teacher of writing with children, and grateful for the opportunity now to write stories and get inspired by the stories of others.