Status: Available

Civil Rights

Black Americans' struggle for power and civil rights

Fall 2023
Wednesday Morning
Moderator: Kip Fonsh



The purpose of this seminar is to examine the origins and history of the Black Americans’ struggle for freedom, power, and civil rights from 1875 to the present.


Using available primary and secondary sources and starting with the post-Civil War period, the seminar will investigate the origins and history of Black Americans’ struggle through the eyes of individual and organizational advocates. The focus will be on their fight for equal freedom, power, and rights.

ROLE OF PARTICIPANTS: From a list of individuals and civil rights organizations provided by the moderator, participants will select one to research. They will make a presentation of no more than thirty minutes of their findings and lead ensuing discussion.

Participants will make use of those resources that are relevant to their specific research.

ABOUT THE MODERATOR: Kip has moderated seminars on Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, the Beatles, Bob Dylan, and Miles Davis.