Updating newsletter links

Immediately after a new newsletter is posted, there are three places on the website where the Constant Contact “share link” must be updated:

  1. Go to any archive page, e.g. from the header menu, go to Calendar => News. Edit with Elementor. This gives you access to the sidebar. Update the link under the “Current Newsletter” button using the share link. Hit the pink update button (bottom left) and then exit to “view page” (top right drop down option.) You have now updated the sidebar on all archive pages.
  2. Click on any post on this page. Edit it with Elementor, update the “Current Newsletter” button and save, as above. You have now updated the sidebar on all single post pages.
  3. Go to Calendar => Newsletters. Edit with Elementor. Add a new button at the top of the left column, labeled with the month and year of the new newsletter and given the share link. Save and exit.

That’s it!