Status: Closed

Writing to Remember Purple

Spring 2024
Wednesday Afternoon
Moderator: Finnegan Alford-Cooper



This seminar provides participants with an opportunity to write their own stories about their lives, whether it is for other readers or themselves.


The purples writing group is a chance to write about one’s life memories. Each week two or three participants will read their pieces to the group, and the group will offer their responses. Each writer emails his or her writing to the group at least 48 hours before he/or she presents, so that the readers can have time to read and reflect on the writing. The participants’ feedback is enriched by hearing it read by the author’s voice during our meeting time. Writers choose the content, style, format, and genre of their writing and tell the other participants what sort of feedback they want.

ROLE OF PARTICIPANTS: Each participant will write and read two pieces of original work. During the semester everyone will be given two opportunities to present by reading aloud from his or her prepared text (one shorter and one longer) and to contribute to the discussions that follow. Participants will also offer constructive feedback to others as requested. Together the participants will discuss ideas for conducting the seminar, build a calendar of presentations, and discuss writing generally.

There are no required readings. Over the course of the seminar, members are encouraged to share their favorite articles and books about personal writing.

ABOUT THE MODERATOR: Finnegan has participated in Writing to Remember (purple) since Spring 2020. She co-moderated with Francie Borden during Fall 2021.