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From Peter the Great to Putin

Spring 2024
Thursday Morning
Moderators: Jim Harvey, Paul Cameron



The purpose of this seminar is to increase our understanding and appreciation of Russian history and culture so that we can better understand their point of view.


Russia has a greater area than any other country in the world. It has considerable resources, both material and human. It is little wonder that Russia is a major player on the world stage and that they have, a number of times, threatened conflict with the United States. If our country is to avoid disastrous conflict it will need citizens who have a reasonable level of understanding of Russian history and culture. This seminar will, we hope, provide that understanding.

ROLE OF PARTICIPANTS: Participants will be expected to give a presentation of 30-40 minutes, answer questions, and lead a short discussion on their topic. In addition, they will be asked to read relevant material suggested by the moderators.

The moderators will provide a list of recommended publications and other resources

ABOUT THE MODERATOR: Jim Harvey has led many seminars on a variety of topics, including a number that dealt with other cultures. Paul Cameron is a retired physician who joined FCLIR a couple years ago because he enjoys learning.