Status: Cancelled

Down Under

An investigation of Australia and New Zealand

Moderator: Jim Scott



The purpose of the “Down Under” seminar is for participants to discover and share the history, ethnicity, geography, economics, resources, politics, tourism, and international significance of these two countries.


This seminar will feature research presentations by participants on topics related to these two countries. We will focus on their relationship to the United States and the international community at large, as well as on the relationships between the European colonizers and the indigenous peoples of these two countries.

ROLE OF PARTICIPANTS: Participants will choose a topic, with approval of the moderator, for research and presentation, which may contain visuals. It should lead to subsequent discussion among the members of the class. Participants will also be encouraged to share their experiences with these two countries.

Participants may explore local libraries for relevant materials. The internet will be a major
source for all areas of research. No particular texts will be required.

ABOUT THE MODERATOR: Jim Scott has been a member of FCLIR for more than 20 years and moderated seminars on various topics in science and history. He has also been a member of the Council and various committees.