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Creation Myths and Theories

Ideas about creation from ancient mythology to quantum physics

Spring 2024
Wednesday Afternoon
Moderators: Jessie Tropp, Susan Baron



In this seminar we will explore how and why humans have explained the origins of the world and life.


We will start with the oldest known creation stories from around the world and continue through time to current scientific theories. At the same time, we’ll explore underlying constructs, such as common themes throughout the world, how scientific and religious ideas overlap, psychoanalytic and sociological views on myths, and more. If you are interested in storytelling, ancient cultures, spirituality, science, and the evolution of ideas, you’ll find something of interest here. A list of suggested topics will be provided.

ROLE OF PARTICIPANTS: As a seminar participant, your role will be to present one creation idea, myth, theory in any way you would like, such as leading a discussion, reading a children’s book aloud, acting out a myth, writing your own creation myth, or explaining a scientific theory.

No required reading.

ABOUT THE MODERATOR: Jessie Tropp has moderated several FCLIR seminars on eclectic topics including textiles, plastic pollution, and idioms. She likes to pick topics she’s interested in learning about but doesn’t want to do all the work herself. This is Susan Baron’s first foray into moderating for FCLIR. She has always enjoyed storytelling, folk tales, and myths, and is fascinated by the creative spirit of humans throughout time.