Status: Available

Writing to Remember (Green)

Sharing our stories by writing and responding

Fall 2023
Tuesday Morning
Moderator: Francie Borden



This section for writing to remember, while open to all, is especially to encourage first timers to explore the process.


Writing and memory intersect in this workshop. Each prompts the other and can lead to gaining confidence in our writing while gaining insights into our memories. We will also spend some of our time together exploring and improving our practice of critique and how to make it relevant and helpful to the whole group. Writing is shared by email in advance as well as read aloud by the author. Each participant chooses the format, style, genre and content of their submission and specifies the feedback desired.

Space is limited as present participants have priority.

ROLE OF PARTICIPANTS: Each participant will have at least two opportunities to read their work aloud. Work of any length is acceptable, however, presenters will be limited to the amount of time we are each allowed for sharing during our meetings.

All participants participate in the feedback discussions.

Members of the seminar are encouraged to share books and materials they have found insightful.

ABOUT THE MODERATOR: Francie has participated in two of the WTR groups and moderated the Purple section for several years.