Conversations on FCLIR Programming

Please join us on October 26 and/or November 3 to discuss what events and activities you would like to have as part of FCLIR, beyond the core program of seminars and workshops. Registration.

What do you think FCLIR should offer its members? Should we just concentrate on our core program of seminars and workshops? How important are member-only interest groups, extracurricular activities, and social events in attracting and retaining members? What programs should we present for the public?

Some background: As a fledgling organization, FCLIR was primarily concerned with getting its core program going and using that to grow its membership. Social events piggybacked on previews and business meetings. The principal public program was Great Decisions, along with occasional public lectures and a handful of excursions for members. In the 2000s, FCLIR greatly increased the number of interest groups and extracurricular activities (summer/winter programs) for members, as well as putting on several significant programs for the public. Encore, which began as a program primarily for members, is now available to the public. A catered spring social has been added to our list of social events for members.

Council wants to provide the programming what you want – now and in the future. Help us by coming to one or both conversations. These will be hybrid meetings, so you can join us in person at the Annex or virtually via Zoom. Please RSVP so we know how many to expect!.