Visit the Bunker

Built into the Holyoke Mountain Range by the federal government during the height of the Cold War, the “Bunker” served as part of the Strategic Air Command until it was […]

Women Growing Older

In this seminar participants will discuss their experience of growing older. We will focus on the following topics: 1) feeling my age, 2) cognitive concerns as I age, 3) physical […]

News from Home: Stories by Irish Writers

We will read and discuss a number of short stories by recent and contemporary writers. Participants will choose one or two stories from our anthology and lead a discussion for […]

Proposed Changes to FCLIR Bylaws

Download: Proposed Amendments and Explanation of Proposed Amendments     A large number of amendments to the FCLIR Bylaws will be voted on at the upcoming Annual Meeting in May. The […]

What is the Lottery?

“The Lottery” is FCLIR’s name for the process by which members are enrolled in seminars and workshops based on their registration requests. How does it work? What are the issues?

Member Profile: Naomi Yanis

Few have made such a positive impact on this organization as long-time member Naomi Yanis. In addition to taking and moderating seminars, Naomi has played a significant role in initiating policy by chairing committees and serving on the Council, including a term as President.

What happened to our committees?

FCLIR now has only two Council-established committees in addition to the four bylaws-mandated committees. Why this change? and how do you get involved?

LIR Café Society

Café Society: People who gathered in cafes and restaurants early in the 20th century. They would ear and talk.

December Bulletin

The FCLIR office will be closed from December 25 through January 5.

Profile: Jim Harvey

Jim has been a member of FCLIR for more than twenty years. He has moderated dozens of seminars and taken on many other roles in our organization.

Conversations on FCLIR Programming

What does or should FCLIR offer its members beyond the core program of seminars and workshops? Join the discussion on October 26 or November 3.

Hybrid Learning Comes to FCLIR

The Five College Annex in Hatfield has two classrooms equipped with hybrid cameras, microphones, and screens. FCLIR is using these facilities for seminars as well as its monthly Viewpoint interest group meetings.

Fall 2023 Encore Programs

The Fall 2023 Encore program will run from September 29 through November 11, 10-12 a.m. each Friday on Zoom.